Italy is a country of great diversity. Here at our restaurant, we have created a variety of Italian-American dishes that we are proud of and would like to share with you.

A great deal of Italian foods come from “Contadina” or peasant heritage. So we have combined the following selection to touch the fertile soil of northern Italy, and the broader, more sophisticated style of the central regions, all the way to the bottom of the boot to the hot-dry south.

So please enjoy the foods that have been handed down from generation to generation, prepared with fresh ingredients and simple culinary cooking techniques that are healthy and taste exceptionally good.

Carpe Diem
“Seize the Day”
The Parente Family

427 Cavitt Avenue
Trafford, Pennsylvania
Phone: 412-373-0566

Listen to a great Italian song while you look through our website!

We are not a fast food restaurant.  All of our appetizers and dinners are made from fresh foods.  Please order a glass of vino, relax and enjoy your company and your dinner.

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